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Lynn Austin

Lynn Austin

Lynn Austin has won Christy Awards for her historical novels Candle in the Darkness and Fire by Night, as well as Hidden Places, which has been made into a Hallmark Channel movie. Lynn and her family live near Chicago, Illinois.

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Candle in the Darkness                  Add to Cart
Candle in the Darkness
Only $18.05 Reg. $19.00
Faith of My Fathers                     Add to Cart
Faith of My Fathers
Only $14.95 Reg. $16.99
All She Ever Wanted                     Add to Cart
All She Ever Wanted
Only $16.15 Reg. $17.00
Keepers of the Covenant                 Add to Cart
Keepers of the Covenant
Only $14.95 Reg. $16.99
All Things New                          Add to Cart
All Things New
Only $14.07 Reg. $15.99
Where We Belong                         Add to Cart
Where We Belong
Only $14.07 Reg. $15.99
Wonderland CreekAdd to Cart
Wonderland Creek
Only $16.15 Reg. $17.00
Fire by Night                           Add to Cart
Fire by Night
Only $15.19 Reg. $15.99
Among the Gods                          Add to Cart
Among the Gods
Only $14.07 Reg. $15.99
The Strength of His Hand                Add to Cart
The Strength of His Hand
Only $14.07 Reg. $15.99
Hidden Places                           Add to Cart
Hidden Places
Only $17.10 Reg. $18.00
A Light to My Path                      Add to Cart
A Light to My Path
Only $18.05 Reg. $19.00
Song of Redemption                      Add to Cart
Song of Redemption
Only $14.07 Reg. $15.99
Where We Belong                         Out of Stock
Where We Belong
Only $20.23 Reg. $22.99

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