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Disciples Path: The Journey Leader Guide, Volume 2 Revised

Disciples Path: The Journey Leader Guide, Volume 2 Revised

LifeWay Christian Resources Paperback


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Product Description

Disciples Path: The Journey Vol. 2 Leader Guide contains the same content as the Personal Study Guide, including group discussion, personal study, and practical application. Also, in this newly revised and expanded Leader Guide, each page includes additional comments, questions, other leader helps to facilitate discussion and a robust commentary for every session.

For a long time, the church has put an emphasis on making converts. The call of Christ is not to make converts, but to make disciples.

But discipleship is a process. And who has the time to disciple an entire church? Fortunately, the solution is already sitting in the congregation. There is a disciple-maker inside every Christian. Disciples Path: The Journey was created just for them. It's a one-year intentional plan of discipleship that's designed to make disciples who make disciples.

Disciples Path was originally created by 14 disciple-making church leaders who were brought together to think through how to instill biblical principles and practices of discipleship. The group included senior pastors, education ministers, and small group pastors from various churches, ministry areas, and traditions.

They realized that the disciple's path should be progressive, relational, disciplined, and replicable.

  • Disciples Path: The Journey is progressive in that each study builds on the previous one with a destination in mind.

  • Disciples Path: The Journey is relational because discipleship is taught and caughttime spent with the disciple-maker helps the disciple ask questions, observe practices, and learn specific skills, truths, and principles that will be exercised for the lifetime of the disciple.

  • Disciples Path: The Journey is disciplined because what happens between meetings is more important than what happens during them. The end of each session presents a set of expectations that the growing disciple agrees to accomplish on his own before the next session.

  • Disciples Path: The Journey is replicable in that discipleship is an ongoing practice. The disciple should become a disciple-maker. By using these resources, even the first-time disciple-maker will be equipped to take on this important but sometimes intimidating role.

    Volume 2 Study Plan:
    1. Who Is Jesus?
    2. What Did Jesus Do?
    3. Following Jesus
    4. The Priorities of a Disciple
    5. The Cost of Discipleship
    6. The Fruit of a Disciple
    7. The Doctrine of God
    8. The Doctrine of Humanity
    9. The Person and Work of Christ
    10. The Kingdom of God
    11. The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
    12. The Doctrine of the Church
    13. Reflect and Connect

    A practical plan for group engagement and discussion
    Content for individual use during the time between group gatherings

    Develop disciples in your church who will then be able to disciple others.
    Motivate mature Christians to share their knowledge and experience.
    Encourage previously reluctant Christians with this simple process for discipleship.
    Reap the benefits of a church filled with mature disciples.
    Expand your church's reach and influence in the community.

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